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5 Things to Consider Before You Have Ceramic Coating: Pros and Cons in 2021

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a light polymeric coating that converts the outer surface of a paint surface, polymer and fiberglass into a ceramic-like composite in order to protect your vehicle against the effects of wear, dust, chemicals, scratches, water, mild acids/bases as well as ultraviolet radiation.

Ceramic Coating has become a popular option for aftermarket paint protection products. And with good reason — ceramic coatings provide a slick finish that looks like glass and makes your car easier to clean. But...there's more to consider than shiny paint before you buy into the hype. These are 5 things to consider before having a ceramic coating done on your vehicle, so you don't end up regretting the decision.


1. Protects the Surface of your vehicle

You usually do not prefer applying any kind of wax on your car/bike. Basically, you do not want to treat it like a piece of furniture. No matter how much you wash and wipe it, you cannot get rid of the grime, dust, rain or salt. The ceramic coating is the solution to this problem. This is a polymer-based protection system that is applied to the surface that will last for several years. It is a chemical eliminator that will not let anything penetrate into its skull. The protection also keeps off any kind of body acid from getting underneath it and corroding the metal beneath it in a way that you would not want at all!

2. Easy to Clean your Vehicle

Have you ever wonder why some cars are so easy to spot clean and others have smears, stains, or even bird droppings in the door trim? The reason behind this is due to the ability of ceramic coating to protect against the water and the dirt, so that even if you go in a water body, it won’t cause any kind of stain on your vehicle.

3. Keeps your car looking new

Car is a expensive vehicle which need very good cleaning for long lasting shine. It is important for every car owner to protect their cars from the weather condition. A recent study revealed that the damages which caused by dry climate, ultraviolet rays and other weather limitations had left many cars looking dull and unattractive, affecting its reliability. And ceramic coating plays a vital role in protecting the car and provide long lasting shine.

4. Protects the car from ever changing weather

The quality of paint can determine the longevity of your car and certainly, your satisfaction with it. Paint finishes can be ruined by weather, UV rays, and heat that might be present in your region. Of course, you can always do regular touch-ups to keep the exterior of your car from getting too old-looking but you may want to consider ceramic coating to prevent scratches and chipping while also protecting your car from ever-changing weather conditions.

5. Long lasting Upto 5 years of protection

Should you have ceramic coating applied to your car? More and more people are asking themselves this question. They've been hearing radio ads, TV commercials, friends, or coworkers talking about the how great ceramic coating is. Ceramic coatings offer up to a 5 year guarantee against chipping and cracking.Ceramic coating is great way to protect your car and improve the look at the same time. Ceramic coating isn’t just for looks; the protection it provides will help increase your new vehicle’s value by many times over. By applying a ceramic film to the surface of your new vehicle, you create a barrier that resists tar, bugs, pollution and even fine scratches ensuring you car looks spanking new every time.


1. Process is time consuming

If you are a regular commuter and take your vehicle everyday and do not have a spare vehicle you might be in trouble. Ceramic coating involves some very messy and laborious steps. It can take upto 2 days and you will have to leave your car with the dealer overnight. It takes several iterations of applying coats, letting it dry. The attention to details is such a key element.

2. Can be a nightmare if not professionally done

Deciding to go with a ceramic coating can mean different things for different people, so it is important to weigh your options. Ceramic coating is built to last roughly five years; however, this time frame may vary depending on the weather, traffic, and other conditions. While a ceramic coating can protect your vehicle from rust and dents, it must first be installed correctly by an experienced professional. If you go to the right person for the job and they do a good cleaning job prior to applying the coating, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits of a long-lasting finish. Make sure you do enough research before you finalize with a dealer and check all the reviews possible.

3. Can be an expensive affair

Ceramic coating is more than just pricy. The price one pays for the ceramic coating has a lot to do with how much time the expert who is going to coat spends on the car. If you are new to ceramic coatings, you must know what goes into it so that you know what you are actually paying for as well as getting high-quality results. The costs vary between 6000 INR - 20000 INR for bikes and 30000 INR - 80000 INR for cars depending if it is a sedan/hatch/suv in Bangalore.

4. It might not be for you

Is for people who loves cars and bikes and want them looking spanking new. The ceramic coating will definitely keep you smiling every time you walk away and to the car with the shiny look. But, If you look at your car as something that gets you from point A to B then ceramic coating is not for you. You will end up hating yourself for the money spent and will not see any value

To sum it up

- Ceramic coating is for you if you want your vehicle's exterior protected from Bangalore weather, shiny looking car and easy to clean

- It is not for you if you look at a car as a car and not something you adore.

What we do at EYS Customs

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About the Author:

Elister Fernandez: Car Design graduate from the prestigious IIAD from Italy, with a vision to elevate the Indian automotive industry. Elister recently started EYS customs who is set to revolutionize the automotive care industry in Bangalore

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